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Startups' Village


Equita Lyon, an economic springboard

In line with its commitment to the economic development of the equestrian sector since it was created in 1995,  Equita Lyon has played host to the Hippolia Startup Village by Equita Lyon, since 2015. In this area developed in partnership with the Hippolia competitiveness cluster, fourteen young businesses, specially chosen for the event, are presenting their innovative expertise, products, services and concepts. Come and meet them and have a chat!

For the five days of the exhibition you are also invited to vote for the best startup of the year to help them win the Hippolia Startup Grand Prix by Equita Lyon in partnership with l'EPERON. There is a stand right in the middle of next year’s exhibition to be won! Hostesses will be there to help you fill in the form and there are lots of prizes to be won every day by voting.

List of startups selected for the 2021 edition:


Creation and sale of feminine, comfortable and durable underwear for all women riders. Adjustable bras in natural materials with feminine details.




Aravolte is a brand of high performance, durable and French equestrian clothing and equipment. We offer products combining performance and durability. We work exclusively with French partners specialized in technical sports products.




EKESTRE, equi-designer, is a brand that creates new products of aluminium riding equipment. EKESTRE is based on a "made in France" concept with a patented technology that respects the well-being of the horse and rider.




EKIDATA is a digital solution that aims to facilitate communication during equestrian competitions. In order to respond to the problems of organizers and riders, we have chosen to develop an application that allows information to circulate instantly between all stakeholders. 
EKIDATA is composed of: on the one hand, a competition management solution for organizers and competition officials and on the other hand, a digital groom, which takes the form of a mobile application for participating riders.




Created in 2020, EKYNEA designs and develops solutions and connected objects to monitor and analyze the well-being of the horse with real-time monitoring. The company develops EkyComfort; a sensor that allows to follow the temperature under the horse's blanket and to be alerted, in real time, in case the comfort threshold defined by the rider is exceeded.




Equ'institut is an association dedicated to information, training and clinical research for innovation in horse health. Equ'institut develops innovative connected tools for the prevention and monitoring of horse diseases.




HALTER PLANET: The first brand of ecological equestrian equipment without concession. With HALTER PLANET we don't want oil anymore, so we have ideas: equipment made in France, sustainable for the planet, good for the horses and moreover it is beautiful!




Horse Dressing is the first platform dedicated to the rental of horse riding equipment: it allows you to rent the equipment necessary for the practice of horse riding, for the rider as well as for the horse. An occasional need? Want to test a product before buying? You will love renting everything.



Impulse HorseRunners offers innovative insoles that address the problems of traditional shoeing. Flexibility, cushioning, protection, without resonance effect. The horse's foot functions as close as possible to its natural state. Our shoes respect the bio-mechanical functioning of the foot.




I Bride offers a range of bits that allow the horse to be in optimum comfort, while being the most connected to the rider's commands. These bits innovate by allowing you to adjust the flexibility and cushioning of your mouthpiece, thanks to a hypoallergenic and biocompatible material.



S.A.F.E Horseshoes

S.A.F.E Horseshoes is one of the first start-ups dedicated to the design and manufacture of 100% French soft shoes. Our R&D and manufacturing processes allow us to master the necessary evolution cycles in a permanent innovation process and to respect social and environmental values.




Le Nouvel Écuyer develops solutions and technologies dedicated to the well-being and performance of the horse / rider pair.
Specializing in the analysis of the pressure distribution on the horse's back, their first product is the new generation pressure sensor mat, to be placed under the saddle and its tracking applications.
The tool and its applications are intended for horse riding professionals: saddlers, ergonomists, horse riding teachers, veterinarians, professional riders, ...
Visualize, analyze, share!



Movin'SmartTM , a start-up resulting from public research (Univ., CNRS), markets a real-time monitoring system of the horse's locomotion and the rider-horse coupling for riders and professionals in the industry. The company is a winner of the French Tech Seed program of the BPI.



2021 results of the Hippolia Startup Grand Prix by Equita Lyon :


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