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Equita Lyon 2018 - Céline Beisel - © Dead or Alive

Equita Lyon 2018 - Fabien Boiron - © Dead or Alive

Come and watch one of the best reining events of the year in Europe!

Once again this year, the best horses and riders will compete at Equita Lyon in a charged atmosphere during the final,  of which the Section 2 will for the first time be held at night from 19.00 to 22.30.

The European Derby is a championship event reserved for horses aged from 5 to 8. There is a first qualifying stage at the beginning of the fair and then a grand final on Saturday. The Open category is for professional riders and attracts entries from all over Europe. Only the best and most distinguish riders and horses will qualify to take part in the Section 2.

It is sure to be a great spectacle, and not to be missed by all those who follow reining and those who want to find out about this  great discipline! We can be sure it is going to be a thrilling evening !

In Reining, the rider must control his mount accurately and without resistance. In competition, he must make several figures like circles, half-turns and sliding-stops whose sequence is called "Pattern". All this must be done by holding the reins only with one hand! A discipline in full swing in France in recent decades and particularly impressive for novices!


Equita Lyon 2018 - © Dead or Alive

Also from the American West, the competitions of Performance include classes around the bases of western riding. Each event highlights the horse's and rider's abilities to realize the simple elements of horse work on the ranch.

At Equita Lyon, the three races of American horses, Appaloosa, Quarter Horse and Paint Horse have their performance competition! Competitions are also proposed by the FFE! An opportunity for French riders to take part in Equita Lyon Western Hors Show! See you on the slopes of the Western Pole from October 27th to October 31st!


Equita Lyon 2018 - © Dead or Alive

Equita Lyon 2018 - © Gilles Galoyer

The Barrel Racing, now well known to the public of Lyon is a discipline that requires riders and horses to combine speed and dexterity. The goal is simple: make a trefoil course, around the three cans arranged in a triangle on the track, and as quickly as possible. In Lyon, the Barrel and Races quarry is the scene of the Coupe de France and European Cup in this breathtaking discipline. A major event for riders and a great show for the public! Adrenaline and thrills guaranteed!


Equita Lyon Western Horse Show also hosts Pole Bending competitions! Like the Giant Super Giant well known in the world of skiing, Pole Bending requires a perfect coordination between the horse and the rider! At full speed, the couple must make a slalom round trip between stakes, installed in a straight line on the track. Flexibility, agility and speed are in order! And the show is assured for all audiences, experts or novices in search of thrills!



Equita Lyon 2018 - Gianluca Murani & Catty Gucci Girl - © Dead or Alive

Derived from Cutting, Ranch Sorting is also an important discipline at Equita Lyon! On the track reserved for the work of the calves, two circles are materialized. In the circle A is a lot of 10 beasts numbered from 0 to 9 and 2 animals without number. A team of two riders enters the circle B. The judge assigns the animal number by which the sorting must begin. The riders must then sort and pass in the circle B the beasts numbered one after the other in numerical order. Once in the round B, the animals must not return in the circle A. The two animals without number must remain in the circle A.



The animations of the western pole




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Antoine Cloux, Maud Burnier, Nicolas Doucet and Luc Giordano are true horsemen – one could even call them horse whisperers – promoting a riding method coming from the ranches in Western America. Perpetuating the buckaroo traditions, they will explain and share their knowledge to help riders of all disciplines bond with their horses. Antoine and Maud train and break horses of various breeds and for several kinds of use in Haute Savoie, close to the Swiss border. Nicolas does the same near Lyon, and often gets « difficult horses ». Luc gives a lot of clinics each year all over France, in several disciplines : cattle drive, ranch riding, ranch trail, ranch roping …

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from their experience, demonstrations are free !