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The NRHA European Derby is back in Lyon! 

Some great sport in store, with the best international riders in the discipline present at Equita Lyon to take part in the European Derby and qualify for The Run for a Million 2025.

reiningEquita Lyon 2023 © Wanted Photos

Reining is a dressage discipline in which the horses are ridden single-handed, using loose reins to perform a set pattern (the equivalent of a cover) comprising a number of figures such as circles, spins (pivots on the hindquarters), roll-backs (half-turns on the hips at the canter) and sliding-stops (sliding stops), THE signature reining manoeuvre.

If you're not familiar with reining, take advantage of your visit to Equita Lyon to stop off at the Oklahoma arena and join in the excitement!

reiningEquita Lyon 2023 - © Wanted Photos

The European Derby is a competition for horses aged 5 to 8, run in two phases: a first qualifying stage, held at the start of the show, and a grand final. You won't want to miss Section 2 of the Open Final, which will take place, as last year, at night on Saturday 2 November 2024.

What's more, this year's final will once again be combined with a qualifier for the richest competition in the history of reining, The Run for a Million, which, as its name suggests, is worth a million dollars and takes place every summer in Las Vegas, bringing together the best riders in the world. This is a golden opportunity for European riders to qualify for the event and to compete against their American counterparts, especially as Equita Lyon is the only qualifying event organised outside the American continent. 

Tickets will be on sale shortly. 

Provisional programme available soon.

Great sport in store, to the delight of reining fans and visitors who want to discover this wonderful discipline.

A wonderful atmosphere guaranteed!


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The Equita Lyon Western Horse Show also features Pole Bending competitions. Similar to the Super Giant well known in the world of skiing, Pole Bending requires perfect coordination between horse and rider. The pair have to slalom back and forth between poles set up in a straight line on the track, as quickly as possible. Flexibility, agility and speed are essential.

You don't need to be an expert to enjoy these competitions, which will delight anyone looking for a thrill!


Barrel Racing is a discipline that requires riders and horses to combine speed and dexterity. The aim is simple: to complete a cloverleaf-shaped course around three barrels arranged in a triangle on the track, as quickly as possible.

Adrenalin and thrills guaranteed! As well as the highly-anticipated European Cup for barrel racing, the NBHA France 2024 Finals will also be held in Lyon.

Two major events for riders and a great spectacle for visitors! Adrenalin and thrills guaranteed!



Pole bendingEquita Lyon 2023 - © Wanted Photos

ranch sortingEquita Lyon 2023 - © Wanted Photos

Equita Lyon 2023 - © Wanted Photos 

The highlight: another edition of the AFET European Cup! 

Derived from the work of ranch horses, ranch sorting is practised with cows, which have to be moved from one paddock to another, in a certain order and as quickly as possible. Riders compete in teams, and the best of the European circuit will be present in Lyon.

It's another discipline that appeals to amateurs and novices alike, because it's so easy to get hooked!

All set? 

Provisional programme available soon.


Equita Cup: the FFE challenge open to all.
It was set up in collaboration with the FFE's Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Western Commission. The principle is simple: riders qualify in several disciplines over the course of the year, and come together as a team to compete in a grand final at Equita Lyon. This will already be the 4th edition of this circuit, which continues to develop and which has its rightful place in the central arena.
The challenge includes 6 disciplines: horsemanship, trail in hand, ranch trail, trail, ranch riding and reining, and 5 categories: Club 1&2, Amateur 1&2, Amateur Elite (except for horsemanship), Amateur 1 Formation (only for reining).
It's a great showcase for Western equestrianism, with the potential to inspire new vocations, as well as a family-friendly gathering that's a real pleasure to watch! 

equita cupEquita Lyon 2023 - © Wanted Photos


GREATEST HORSE RANCHEquita Lyon 2023 - © Wanted Photos

Equita Greatest Ranch Horse: 2nd edition, we're back for more!
A 100% ranch challenge comprising 3 events: Ranch Riding, Ranch Trail and Ranch Reining, which can be run as a combined event or separately. It's open to riders with FFE, APHA and AQHA licences, so that as many people as possible can take part. A wide variety of obstacles are set out throughout the arena, with varying degrees of difficulty.
The ranch disciplines are attracting increasing interest, as they are safe yet technical, and are suitable for all types of horse and rider. The events are also very interesting to watch as they showcase the physical and mental qualities of American horses.


Performance and Super Horse
The performance classes are back at Equita Lyon! And for the first time under the sponsorship of the American associations NSBA (National Snaflle Bit Association) and IRHA (International Ranch Horse Association), in addition to the traditional AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) and APHA (American Paint Horse Association), with trail, showmanship, horsemanship, western pleasure classes and a ‘Ride for Your Team’ team challenge.
To this already rich programme will be added a Super Horse competition, which combines several western disciplines: Ranch Trail, Reining, Ranch Riding and Western Riding. The horses taking part are therefore highly versatile.
Provisional programmes available soon.

performanceEquita Lyon 2023 - © Wanted Photos


Taking part in one of our Western events?

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