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Come and watch one of the best reining events of the year in Europe !

Once again this year, the best horses and riders will compete at Equita Lyon in a charged atmosphere during the final,  of which the Section 2 will for the first time be held at night from 19.00 to 22.30.

Equita Lyon 2018 - Céline Beisel - © Dead or Alive

 The European Derby is a championship event reserved for horses aged from 5 to 8. There is a first qualifying stage at the beginning of the fair and then a grand final on Saturday. The Open category is for professional riders and attracts entries from all over Europe. Only the best and most distinguish riders and horses will qualify to take part in the Section 2.

Equita Lyon 2018 - Fabien Boiron - © Dead or Alive

It is sure to be a great spectacle, and not to be missed by all those who follow reining and those who want to find out about this  great discipline! We can be sure it is going to be a thrilling evening !

In Reining, the rider must control his mount accurately and without resistance. In competition, he must make several figures like circles, half-turns and sliding-stops whose sequence is called "Pattern". All this must be done by holding the reins only with one hand! A discipline in full swing in France in recent decades and particularly impressive for novices!

Great sport in store, to the delight of reining fans and visitors who want to discover this wonderful discipline.

A wonderful atmosphere guaranteed!


Equita Lyon 2018 - © Dead or Alive


Barrel Racing is a discipline that requires riders and horses to combine speed and dexterity. The aim is simple: to complete a cloverleaf-shaped course around three barrels arranged in a triangle on the track, as quickly as possible. Once again this year, some great competitions are on the program, including the European Cup. Two major events for riders and a great spectacle for visitors! Adrenalin and thrills guaranteed!


The Equita Lyon Western Horse Show also features Pole Bending competitions. Akin to the Super Giant well known in the world of skiing, Pole Bending requires perfect coordination between horse and rider. The pair must complete an out-and-back slalom between poles, set up in a straight line on the track, as quickly as possible. Flexibility, agility and speed are essential.

You don't have to be an expert to enjoy these competitions, which are sure to delight anyone looking for a thrill!


Equita Lyon 2018 - © Gilles Galoyer  



Equita Lyon 2018 - Gianluca Murani & Catty Gucci Girl - © Dead or Alive

Ranch Sorting is also an important discipline at Equita Lyon, and one that visitors enjoy following. Derived from the work of ranch horses, it involves the competition of cows, which have to be moved from one pen to another, in a certain order and as quickly as possible. Riders compete in teams. Once again this year, the European Ranch Sorting Championships will be held at Eurexpo, providing an opportunity to admire the best of them.

Ready ? 

Challenge set up in collaboration with the FFE's Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Western Commission. The principle is simple: riders qualify in several disciplines over the course of the year, and come together as a team to compete in a grand final at Equita Lyon. The number of participants is growing every year, thanks in particular to the dynamism of the Commission's members.
6 disciplines are represented: horsemanship, trail in hand, ranch trail, trail, ranch riding, reining, divided into 7 categories: Club pony, Club 1&2, Amateur 1&2, Amateur Elite (except for horsemanship), Amateur 1 Formation (only for reining).
What a great showcase for Western riding!
A family-friendly gathering that's a pleasure to behol
This is THE new feature of the 2023 Equita Lyon Western Horse Show!

A 100% ranch challenge comprising 3 disciplines - Ranch Riding, Ranch Trail and Ranch Reining - where events can also be run independently. It's open to FFE, APHA and AQHA licensed riders, so there's something for everyone! A wide variety of obstacles will be set up throughout the arena, with varying degrees of difficulty. Ranch disciplines are attracting increasing interest, as they are safe yet technical, and appeal to all types of horses and riders. The horse entered in the challenge with the highest composite score will be awarded the first Equita Greatest Ranch Horse title!
As last year, demonstrations and events will take place in the main arena. This sport was born in the USA in 2001, indoors, to enable riders to practice during the winter months. A mountain trail event tests the rider/horse pair's ability to negotiate natural obstacles in complete safety, using techniques that demonstrate the pair's complicity and the horse's finesse. Categories range from Club 3 to Amateur Elite.


Taking part in one of our Western events?

Find all the information you need in your competitor's area.

Animations of the western pole 




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Antoine Cloux, Maud Burnier, Nicolas Doucet and Luc Giordano are true horsemen – one could even call them horse whisperers – promoting a riding method coming from the ranches in Western America. Perpetuating the buckaroo traditions, they will explain and share their knowledge to help riders of all disciplines bond with their horses. Antoine and Maud train and break horses of various breeds and for several kinds of use in Haute Savoie, close to the Swiss border. Nicolas does the same near Lyon, and often gets « difficult horses ». Luc gives a lot of clinics each year all over France, in several disciplines : cattle drive, ranch riding, ranch trail, ranch roping …

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from their experience, demonstrations are free !



Les Co-Equi-Pieds offer Free Joering demonstrations and initiations. Unveiled in France in 2019, the troupe arrives in Lyon with new ideas, more horses, even more riders and a wide range of board sports represented. Snowboarding awakens our childhood memories: strolling on a skateboard, putting on your rollerblades for a family outing... But the "JOERING BATTLE SHOW" will dust all that off, and appeal to your imagination!
During the show, two teams of out-and-out riders will go head-to-head, thrilling you and making you think differently about riding!

Then ... maybe it's your turn to play!




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