Martin Fuchs & Clooney - © PSV J. Morel





International classes :


2019 results: CSI5*-W, Longines FEI Jumping WORLD CUP™ :



Martin Fuchs (SUI) & Clooney 51 - © PSV J. Morel - 2019


  • 1 – Martin Fuchs (SUI) & Clooney 51
  • 2 – Jessica Springsteen (USA) & RMF Zecilie
  • 3 – Pieter Devos (BEL) & Claire Z

Equita Lyon 2018 - Martin Fuchs & Clooney - © PSV J. Morel

Longines Equita Lyon, Concours Hippique International is the third leg of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup circuit for the Western European League. The best riders in the world come together in this ring in which they love to compete to earn precious points in preparation for the FEI World Cup Final which will crown the indoor world champion at the end of the winter season.

Program and times to be confirmed.

 Lyon Jumping World CupTM winners

  • 2019 : Martin Fuchs (Switzerland) & Clooney 51
  • 2018 : Martin Fuchs (Switzerland) & Clooney 51
  • 2017 : Simon Delestre (France) & Hermes Ryan
  • 2016 : Daniel Deusser (Germany) & Equita van T Zorgvliet 

Equita Lyon 2018 - Laurent Guillet & Sultan du Château - © PSV J. Morel

The riders of the CSI2* take part in international competitions throughout the year and are heading towards high level sport. In Lyon they have the opportunity of competing in the same ring as the best riders in the world a few minutes after them. It also provides an opportunity for them to talk to their champions and for the public to discover new talents.

Program and times to be confirmed.

CSI2* winners

  • 2019 : Inès Helias (France) & Diplomat F
  • 2018 : Laurent Guillet (France) & Sultan du Château
  • 2017 : Benoit Cernin (France) & Tea Star d'Oyale
  • 2016 : Olivier Guillon (France) & Serise du Bidou

2019 result Longines Grand Prix:


Kevin Staut (FRA) & Urhelia Lutterbach - © PSV J. Morel - 2019


  • 1 - Kevin Staut (FRA) & Urhelia Lutterbach 
  • 2 - Alexis Deroubaix (FRA) & Timon d’Aure
  • 3 - Marcus Fuchs (SUI) & Silver Shine 

Equita Lyon 2018 - Daniel Deusser & Tobago Z - © PSV J. Morel

The Longines Grand Prix, the first highlight of the Lyon leg of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup, is the qualifying class for the Equita Masters by Hermès Sellier and the FEI World Cup Grand Prix presented by GL events, which each year attracts the most experienced combinations of the 5* circuit. In this Grand Prix with a jump-off, riders have to display speed and a cool head to be among the best. 

Program and times to be confirmed.

Longines Grand Prix winners

  • 2019 : Kevin Staut (France) & Urhelia Lutterbach
  • 2018 : Daniel Deusser (Germany) & Tobago Z

2019 results: CSI5*-W, Equita Masters presented by Hermès Sellier:


    Scott Brash (GBR) & Hello Shelby - © PSV J. Morel - 2019

  • 1 – Scott Brash (GBR) & Hello Shelby
  • 2 – Daniel Deusser (GER) & Jasmien v. Bisschop
  • 3 – Marc Houtzager (NED) & Sterrehof's Dante

Equita Lyon 2018 - Scott Brash & Hello Mr President - © PSV J. Morel

On Saturday 2 November, the Equita Masters presented by Hermès Sellier will bring together the 20 best riders of the weekend for an evening of sport in two rounds with fences at 1m60 in height. The principal objectives for these champions are to jump clear and finish the second round as quickly as possible.  This exciting and spectacular class is always an exceptional occasion for the public! 

Program and times to be confirmed.

Equita Masters presented by Hermès Sellier winners

  • 2019 : Scott Brash (Great Britain) & Hello Shelby
  • 2018 : Scott Brash (Great Britain) & Hello Mr President
  • 2017 : Pieter Devos (Belgium) & Gin D
  • 2016 : Gregory Wathelet (Belgium) & Eldorado van het Vijverhof

2019 results: CSIP FEI Jumping Ponies' Trophy, Grand Prix CWD:


Claudia Moore (GBR) & Elando van de Roshoeve - © PSV J. Morel


  • 1 - Claudia Moore (GBR) & Elando van de Roshoeve
  • 2 - Lily Engelsman (NED) & Blackwoodland Rock 
  • 3 - Ilona Mezzadri (FRA) & Ken van Orchid 

Equita Lyon 2018 - Molly Hughes Bravo & Carrickaduff Pet - © PSV J. Morel

The today’s young champions are preparing for the high-level sport which awaits them tomorrow. In Lyon, the under-18 hopefuls will compete in the same ring as the elite of equestrian sport in 1m25 to 1m30 classes. Putting their high school homework to one side for the weekend, they will have to prove their cool heads and technical skills but also their daring in order to shine in the international arena of  Longines Equita Lyon, Concours Hippique International ! 

Program and times to be confirmed.

FEI Jumping Ponies Trophy winners

  • 2019 : Claudia Moore (United Kingdom) & Elando van de Roshoeve
  • 2018 : Molly Hughes Bravo (Portugal) & Carrickaduff Pet 
  • 2017 : Camille Favrot (France) & Uhelem de Seille


National classes:


Equita Lyon 2018 - Benoit Cernin & Unamour Du Suyer - © PSV J. Morel

Since the beginning, , Longines Equita Lyon, Concours Hippique International has been involved in promoting equestrian sport internationally as well as within France, and every year plays host to the Grand National FFE - AC PRINT of Show Jumping, the elite circuit for French riders of this discipline developed by the French Equestrian Federation. As a real springboard towards the high-level sport, this circuit includes six legs in which teams compete. Thanks to this competition, the best riders nationally can prepare for high level sport in classes with fences up to 1m50 in height.

Thursday, October 28th, times to be confirmed.


Equita Lyon 2018 - Géraldine Richshoffer & Vaeve - © PSV J. Morel

The 30 best combinations of the season come together in Lyon for the annual final, after qualifying on a circuit that included legs in every region of France. They compete against each other over three days, in 1m25 classes with a spectacular finish in a class with jump-off in the international arena! So just a few minutes before the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Grand Prix, amateurs will have the opportunity to perform in the ring well known to everyone !

Sunday, October 31th, times to be confirmed.

Finale Amateur Gold Tour FFE ESTHEDERM winners

  • 2019 : Anthony Boughaba Duplaix (France) & Athika des Roches
  • 2018 : Géraldine Richshoffer (France) & Vaeve

Equita Lyon 2018 - Lucie Martin Vandeol & Risotto - © PSV J. Morel

With a heart to open its doors to a maximum of riders in the region, in addition to the multiple national competitions that will take place during the 5 days of the fair, Equita Lyon and the Regional Riding Committee Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, welcome the best riders in the region for a championship worthy of the name!

The best Rhone-Alpine riders of the categories Amateur Elite, Amateur 1, Amateur 2, Major 1 and Major 2 will compete for 2 days for the title of Regional Champion, on the mythical track of the FEI World Cup stages.

Wednesday, October 27th and Thursday, October, 28th, times to be confirmed.

2019 Finale Top 10 CREARA winners

  • Amateur Elite Grand Prix : Bryan Obadia (France) & Bandiet V
  • Amateur 1 Grand Prix : Isabelle Baratier (France) & Thalia Des Coutots
  • Amateur 2 Grand Prix : Audrey Violland (France) & Urazie D'L'Herbage
  • Majors 1 Grand Prix : David Vanlin (France) & Acteur de L'Abbaye
  • Majors 2 Grand Prix : Brigitte Robin (France) & Adonis

Equita Lyon 2018 - Tony Hanquinquant & Caligano Jorthonne - © PSV J. Morel

The best horses of 5 and 6 years old will cross the Career Equita Jump 'during the SHF Young Horses finals.

Qualified in the Regional Championships during the season, these emerging champions have distinguished themselves by their good results.

Atypical class to highlight the best young horses in France and discover the future talents of the discipline.

Wednesday, October 27th and Thursday, October 28th  on the Equita Jump' area. Final SHF 5-6 years old Saturday, October 30th octobre on the International Area. Time to be confirmed. 

SHF young horses 2019 final winners

  • Catégorie 4 ans : Falco de Tatihou
  • Catégorie 5 ans : Elsass du Mezel
  • Catégorie 6 ans : Dalhousie du Mesnil*HDV

Equita Lyon 2018 - Andrea Bost & Belle - © PSV J. Morel

For 10 years, the riders of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes clubs have "set fire to" the career dedicated to the Equita Club Cup. They competed all year round on the Final Club CREARA circuit and qualified through the stages organized throughout the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Organized with the Regional Riding Committee Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, this day of competition is a beautiful way to put the equestrian centers in the spotlight.

Friday, October 29th , time to be confirmed.


Equita Lyon 2018 - Tea Bernard Granger & Utopia de Cyclamen - © PSV J. Morel

Young talents at pony for the Super AS!

Riders, from an early age and whatever their level (pony 3 to AS pony Elite), come to collect the valuable points of qualification for the French Championships of Lamotte Beuvron.

Nearly 600 ponies will be welcomed at Equita Jump 'and Equita Compet'! 

Saturday, October 30th and Sunday, October 31st octobre, time to be confirmed.



Wednesday, October 27th and Thursday, October 28th. Times to be confirmed.

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