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International classes:


2019 results: FEI Dressage World CupTM Grand Prix Freestyle presented by FFE Generali:


Isabell Werth & Emilio - © PSV J. Morel - 2019


  • 1 - Isabell Werth (GER) & Emilio
  • 2 - Charlotte Dujardin (GBR) & Mount St John Freestyle
  • 3 - Frederic Wandres (GER) & Duke of Britain

Equita Lyon 2018 - Isabell Werth & Emilio - © PSV J. Morel

The FEI World Cup Dressage circuit is staged in Lyon for two classes at the highest level. In an imposed recovery for the first event, the riders perform movements requiring the greatest technical mastery, at three speeds and try to get closer to the perfect movement to get a maximum of points from the judges. You will be able to appreciate the most beautiful passages, piaffers, pirouettes, changes of foot at the time. Technique, yes, but not only! In the freestyle grand prix, the perfect mastery of the figures must be emotional and the expression must be carried by the music accompanying the couple on the track. Harmony and artistic sensitivity count as much as the precision of movements.

CDI-W winners

  • 2019 : Isabell Werth (Allemagne) & Emilio
  • 2018 : Isabell Werth (Allemagne) & Emilio
  • 2017 : Isabell Werth (Allemagne) & Emilio
  • 2016 : Isabell Werth (Allemagne) & Weihegold Old


National classes:


2019 result: Equita Dressage:


Charlotte Chalvignac & Elice - © PSV J. Morel


  • 1 - Charlotte CHALVIGNAC (FRA) & Elice
  • 2 - Sandie LE BOUVIER (FRA) & Richard
  • 3 - Lou MENGUY (FRA) & Rocker Dreamfighter

Equita Lyon 2018 - Dorina Schmid & Dujardin D'Arx - © PSV J. Morel

Dressage ...... always more on Longines Equita Lyon, International Horse Show.

For the 6th consecutive year, Longines Equita Lyon, International Equine Competition, welcomes the Equita Dressage and its partner, the American saddler, COUNTY.

attend the Equita Dressage by County! This event allows riders to present their free dressage rehearsal in music to the Lyon public.

Equita Dressage winners

  • 2019 : Charlotte CHALVIGNAC & Elice
  • 2018 : Dorina Schmid & Dujardin D'Arx

Equita Lyon 2018 - © PSV J. Morel

The Rhône-Alpin dressage party!

For the 8th consecutive year, the Equita Club Carrousel by Padd takes place on the occasion of the Longines Equita Lyon, International Horse Show. In costume and music, the ten teams of six riders compete against one imposed recovery. Teams must qualify at Dressage Equimasters. A great way to highlight the dressage and to break the sometimes austere image of this discipline on the rise in France! 

Equita Club Carrousel winners

  • 2019 : Centre équestre de Traize (73)



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