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29 October 2021

The riders needed to ride fast, very fast, to win the Vitesse du Prix Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes class this morning! The French national anthem rang out thanks to the performance of Charles Henri Ferme, who was in great form on Jaqui. "This is the first time I have taken part in the Longines Equita Lyon competition. So, I’m really pleased. Today, my only goal was to win, because I know that my horse gallops very fast naturally, and we managed it," said the delighted winner. Making sharp turns at high tempo, the rider took the lead of the class in a time of 60''74, holding off Lalie Saclier (61''74), who gave her utmost to try to go faster. After holding the lead for a long time, Alexis Goulet and his elegant Casallino finished third in a time of 61'95.

In all, thirty couples managed to complete a clear round, finding the secret to getting through the tricky 4th combination without a hitch, as well as the final sequence, which caught many riders out.

  1. Charles Henri Ferme (FRA) and Jaqui – 0 in 60’’74

  2. Lalie Saclier (FRA) and J’Adore – 0 in 61’’74

  3. Alexis Goulet (FRA) and Casallino – 0 in 61’’95

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