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29 October 2022

For more than 10 years, riders from clubs in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region have been entertaining the crowds in the arenas devoted to the CREARA Club Finals at Equita Lyon. The riders compete throughout the year on the circuit in order to qualify for the regional finals at Equita Lyon, now called "Equita Top Club". The CREARA competition day provided an opportunity to place the regional house-riding centres in the spotlight. The event was held in the Equita Jump and Equita Compet arenas, with horses, ponies and riders competing throughout day, supported by their families and friends.

 "Equita provides us with an excellent organisation, with lots of spectators and a great atmosphere. The clubs love this day. It is a key event for young riders, who talk about it all year round. The courses are adapted to the exceptional conditions and environment: the crowds, the noise, the screens and the adrenaline generated by the event. Whether riders fall or do a clear round, we need to encourage them to enjoy themselves and motivate them to continue working while keeping a competitive sports mindset. We are really happy to be here and hope to keep coming!" said Mathieu Bontemps, a member of the organising team, and Gregory Cara, a course designer, at the end of the day's events.


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