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Discovering the world of horses through virtual reality

1 November 2023

Rider, trainer, groom or vet... These are just a few examples of the fifty-or-so professions in which you can work in the equestrian sector. This year at Equita, children and teenagers who are unsure about which career path they should choose can try out an original virtual reality experience to help them narrow down their choice.

The IFCE (Institut Français du Cheval et de l'Equitation - French Horse and Equestrianism Institute) will be giving visitors the opportunity to step inside a virtual stable for a few minutes, so they can learn more about which area of work might suit them best. Thanks to a VR headset, you can vaccinate a pony, look after a foal, shear a horse, and much more. Each person chooses the subjects or professions that interest them most. Based on their choices, the virtual headset gives users the opportunity to move from one activity to another and find out more about what people like about the jobs concerned. Are you more interested in breeding, racing or leisure riding? For those who are still not sure about their future career orientation, this 2.0 experience will perhaps help them have a better idea about which area of the equestrian sector is right for them.

However, the experience does not stop there! Back in the real world, the visitors can talk directly to the Equiressource advisors on site to find out more about the various careers and training courses available in the equestrian sector. From at 11.30am to 5pm every day, trade professionals from the sector will be on the stand to discuss their jobs and present a typical "day in their life". Equitherapists, head lads, event organisers, trainers, riders, and farriers are just a few of the professionals who will be on hand to answer all your questions. So, the equestrian professions will hold no more secrets for you! This is a unique opportunity for those who want to join this fantastic sector driven by people who love their trades.

Visit the Equestrian Trades stand, Hall 2 in the Children's Village, open from 9am to 7pm
Meet trade professionals every day on the stand from 11.30am to 5pm.

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