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Equestrian cabaret, the daily show for families!

16 October 2019

Funny, dynamic, acrobatic and poetic, the shows performed by the artists of Equita Lyon's Equestrian Cabaret are always a wonderful experience for visitors. 

Whether you are a horse enthusiast, a competitor or simply interested in learning more about the world of equestrian entertainment, the riders and troupes will be performing every day at noon and 6pm in the Nikito Arena. Laughter, smiles, excitement, will experience every kind of emotion watching the different artists and their acts.

Goof fun guaranteed! 

Below is the list of artists present in 2019!

  • Les Cavaliers Voltigeurs de Provence (Provence Trick-riders) 

  • Christophe Hasta Luego 

  • Écuries d'Air pur 

  • Laetitia Trosset 

  • Association Lamalice  

  • Black and Linda 

  • Syndicat des Éleveurs de Chevaux de Trait du Rhône (Rhône Union of Draught Horse Breeders) 

  • With the exceptional participation of the Horsemen presented by Les Goulus! 


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