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Equestrian cabarets : a tribute to Jean-Yves Bonnet at Equita Lyon

5 November 2023
There are individuals who help build ever closer bonds between humans and horses, and Equita Lyon has decided to pay tribute to one of the great figures of the equestrian world by dedicating all its equestrian cabarets to Jean-Yves Bonnet.

This former student of the Cadre Noir de Saumur, who managed the carousel at the school for some twenty years, took his final bow last May at the age of 88. As a role model for many equestrian artists, Jean-Yves Bonnet worked with some of the biggest names in show business. He combined the world of showmanship with that of horses.

He loved horses and was always seeking to enhance the bond of complicity between these animals and humans. He organised the first equestrian vaulting championships in France, and even created the Route du Sel (Salt Road, a ride retracing the historic route used by salt merchants in the south-western region of France) in 1984. Jean-Yves Bonnet, who often spoke of his love for the Equita Lyon show, had his personal motto concerning horses : « You have to serve the horse before it can serve you (Il faut servir le cheval avant de s’en servir) ».

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