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Equestrian law conference: "Transporting horses"

17 October 2019

Horses are transported every day by people involved in the equestrian sector, whether they be transport professionals, professional breeders and riders, or amateurs transporting their own horses or those belonging to a third party. Transport is a common source of liability for carriers in the event of accident claims.

During the equestrian law conference organised at Equita Lyon, the issue of horse-transport by professionals and private individuals will be analysed by legal experts. The regulations that apply to transport raise many other questions for all those involved in the equestrian sector, and these points will also be addressed. These points will cover the licences and various authorisations required, the duration of the transport and the sanitary conditions.

The conference is open to everyone on Thursday 31 October 31 at 2 pm. Feel free to take part in the conference to improve your knowledge of these issues and benefit from a special Q&A session with the equestrian law specialists who will be leading the conference.

This event is free of charge for people who do not work in the legal profession and access is subject to registration.


If you wish to attend, please send the completed registration form (downloadable here) before 30 October to:

 [email protected]

Detailed program of the equine law conference



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