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Equita Dressage by Aulion Sellier won by Marine Valot

29 October 2021

Marine Valot and Baltus Fleurville have added their name to the list of winners of the Equita Dressage by Aulion Sellier, with an impressive average score of 74.230% for their musical free-style routine. Under the eye of international judge Jean-Michel Roudier, president of the jury, the couple produced the best performance in this Pro 2 class, winning for the first time in the Equita Lyon arena. "It's such a special feeling, because it's a horse that I bred. We have learnt together. He is ten years old now and has matured. He was not over-awed by the arena and remained very relaxed during the routine", said the delighted rider who had come from the French National Stud Farm in Cluny

A total of eleven couples took part in this dressage class to music. The second and third places on the podium went to Pauline Guillem, whose routine scored 72.875% with the elegant Stolzenberg de Malleret, and Lola Durand on Larimar Mansolein, with a score of 72.020%.


1. Marine Valot & Baltus Fleurville - 74.230 %

2. Pauline Guillem & Stolzenberg de Malleret - 72.875 %

3. Lola Durand & Larimar Mansolein - 72.020 %

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