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29 October 2021

Welcome to Marino's Farm! As one of the traditional attractions at the Equita Lyon show over the last fifteen years, Marino and his farm are delighted to be back this year to welcome the younger visitors at the show and introduce them to their farm-yard animals. "The children come to observe the animals. What makes it interesting is that all the animals are together in one area, so it's a permanent live show because they interact with each other all the time," says Marino, who is always ready to answer questions from inquisitive visitors. Here, children can observe the cohabitation between Pimprenelle, the ewe, Marius, the ram, Une de Miel du Varon, the donkey, and her inseparable friend May, a dwarf goat, as well as Sun, a goat, Dame Rosette, a sow, and several geese, chickens, rabbits and even chicks! A little piece of countryside in the middle of the Equita Lyon show!

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