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The GL events group become a partner of the rider Olivier Perreau

23 July 2019

As the organiser of Equita Lyon and the Longines Equita Lyon International Equestrian Competition, the GL events Group has been actively involved in equestrian sports for twenty-five years. Today, the Group is proud to announce its long-term partnership with the French rider Olivier Perreau, one of the most promising riders of his generation.

Since its creation, the GL events Group has supported sport in every dimension, notably by organising high-quality events and providing top-class facilities and overlays. The partnership with Olivier Perreau will enable this promising rider to prepare in the best possible way for the major international events in which he competes.

"We wish OIivier Perreau, and the top-class horses he breeds in his family stables, as well as all those who accompany him on the international show-jumping circuit, every possible success. Olivier's passion, loyalty and desire to push back his limits are mirrored by the values that drive the men and women who make up our group," said Olivier Ginon, Chairman of the GL events Group, and Sylvie Robert, the Head of GL events Equestrian Sport.


About Olivier Perreau

Olivier Perreau was born in 1986, into a family of riders and horse breeders based in Saulieu (Côte d'Or, France). He is married and has three children. In 2005, he became the French Young Show Jumping Champion, riding Grace de Fraigneau. In 2006 and 2007, he took part in the European Show-jumping Championships. In 2018, he was invited by Sylvie Robert to compete in his first CSI 5* at the Longines FEI Show jumping World Cup in Lyon. In 2019, he won "Le Saut Hermès", the main class the prestigious Saut Hermès at the Grand Palais, the CSI 4* Grand Prix in Gorla Minore and the CSI 4* Hubside Jumping Grand Prix in Grimaud. His current lead horses are:

  • GL events VENIZIA D’AIGUILLY, a family-bred horse,






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