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Grand National Hunter Style and Equitation

28 October 2022

All the scores were reset at zero for the Finals of the French Grand National Hunter Style and Equitation tour this morning in the Equita Jump' arena. As the judges watched on, the riders gave their utmost to achieve a clear round, while also completing the style and equitation exercises of the hunter discipline. Elegance and harmony were the watchwords during the class this morning. Each rider completed their rounds to their own choice of music, creating a great atmosphere in the Equita Jump arena.

At the end of the two rounds, the top three positions on the podium were awarded in each of the four classes, with the medals going to familiar faces in the discipline as well as newcomers. In the Elite Style class, François Guihard and Vintage de Liam took first place with a total score of 30.63; in Amateur 1, Claire Felix and Cristal Efele Z came first with a final score of 171.25; in Elite Style, Corinne Gueniot and Belissimo Lande finished with the top score of 30.62.

Virginie Lanchais - who had already taken first prize in 2019 - won the Grand Prix Elite 125 final with her home-bred 6-year-old mare Gamora de Sezilles. 

"Equita Lyon is a showcase for our discipline. All riders should include this approach in their riding, since it makes the horses more receptive and attentive, resulting in a smooth riding style. I would also like to thank the speaker for explaining the ins and outs of the Hunter discipline and highlighting the work of the horses. My mare did very well in the compulsory routines and completed two great rounds, despite her lack of experience. It was another fantastic competition here in Lyon " said a delighted Virginie at the end of the event.


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