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29 October 2022

The Equi Sport arena at Equita Lyon hosted the regional Pony Game finals on Friday afternoon, providing a great showcase for this discipline, which combines team spirit, dexterity and above all complicity with the pony. While the Pony games are open to any age group, they are exclusively reserved for pony riders. Holding the Games at Equita Lyon highlights the fact that this discipline is accessible to everyone, with some twenty clubs in the region involved in competitions. 


As Christophe Rossier (the referee for these regional finals) explains: "Equita Lyon allows us to present and showcase the pony games. All the teams that we work with and see every weekend in regional competitions have come to the show. So, the audience had the opportunity to watch some high-level classes. Certain riders are members of the French national team and were involved in the European championships. Equita is just fantastic!"  


In terms of results, the teams in white coats from the Peillard Pony Club (Isère) were in excellent form, winning four of the five categories in the competition. 


On Saturday evening, starting at 8pm, a demonstration will be organised in the same arena with the top French teams.

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