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27 October 2021

Situated in the very heart of the Equita Lyon trade show, this reception and information area was created on the initiative of Equita Lyon, Boehringer Ingelheim, the Lyon Veterinary Campus (VetAgro Sup), the Champ du Perier Horse Clinic and Jean-Marc Gentil. Its aim is to raise awareness among every age group about how to properly manage a horse's health, as well as that of the rider! Would you like to listen to a pony's heart beat? Would you like to learn how to monitor a mare's pregnancy? Do you want to know the priority measures you need to take if your horse gets injured? Are you preparing yourself physically to get into the saddle? All of these topics will be addressed in the Health Area at the show, during demonstrations, conferences and events organised by equine and human health professionals.

Every day, there are interactive conferences given by veterinarians, equine dentists, osteopaths and physiotherapists, giving visitors the chance to learn new techniques or broaden their knowledge.

You will find the complete programme of conferences and Equirencontres meetings here.

This year, the Equita Lyon Health Area will be hosting a special event: the 14th Equirencontres (Equestrian meetings)! Since 2008, the Boehringer Ingelheim laboratory and the AVEF (the French Equine Veterinary Association) have teamed up to organise "Les Equirencontres", a series of thematic conferences presented by the best veterinarians in the field of equine health. The aim is to make the topics addressed accessible to everyone (riders, club managers, owners, breeders, amateurs, media, etc.). This year, the Equirencontres will focus on respiratory problems in horses through two presentations: “My horse has a cough: how can I interpret the laboratory tests?” presented by the veterinary doctor Xavier d'Ablon, and "Rhinopneumonia; what lessons can be learned from the epidemic this spring?" presented by the veterinary doctor Vincent Ammann.

Save the date: Saturday 30 October at 2pm in the conference space in of the Health Area. The event has been broadcast on the FFE's media channels since its inception.

New in 2021:  the Equine Well-being Day Riders, veterinarians, ethologists, researchers and other French and international experts will be debating what place horses will have in society tomorrow in the VIP Village on Thursday 28 October.

This special day will combine a series of presentations and round off with an open discussion. It will be accessible by reservation only. Registration for the event includes access to the VIP Village to attend the conferences and the round table, from 9.30am to 4.30 pm, as well as a welcome coffee.



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