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29 October 2021

Twenty-five ponies, seven countries and a host of possibilities for this first class, the Prix CWD of the FEI Jumping Ponies' Trophy. Laid out by the course designer Jean-François Gourdin, the class took place in the international arena and gave the young riding stars plenty to think about. More than one couple were caught out by the plank at the end of the course, as well as the combination of verticals in jump number 7. The young Dutch rider Siebe Leemans, who was first to jump, simply showed his competitors what to do with Noriego vd Riloo (fifth). They put in a very smooth performance, posting a reference time of 58''48. A good round, but not enough to seal the victory. The first rider to lower the time to 52''60 was the fast Irish rider Paddy Reape with his valiant Valma de Fougnard. It could have stayed that way, but the local French rider Nohlan Vallat on Daenerys d'Hurl'vent had the bit between his teeth and lowered the reference time to 52''25. "I am really happy with this win, especially as it is a first for my horse on such a great indoor course. The competition was tough. When I started, I just wanted to do a good round with a good pace but, in the end, I was the fastest! It's encouraging for the Grand Prix on Saturday", said the happy winner of the day. Norway's Thea Gunleksen took third place on Parc Cookie in 54'87. 

A great class which sets the tone for some top-quality sport in tomorrow's FEI Jumping Ponies' Trophy Grand Prix.

1.    Nohlan Vallat (FRA) and Daenerys d’Hurl’vent – 0 in 52’’25

2.    Paddy Reape (IRL) and Valma de Fougnard – 0 in 52’’60

3.    Thea Gunleksen (NOR) and Parc Cookie – 0 in 54’’87

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