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Longines Equita Lyon: all the french federal riding circuits are back in 2019!

10 October 2019

The Longines Equita Lyon International Equestrian Competition is the only French equestrian event to host so many competitions representing the circuits organised by the French Equestrian Federation. Amateurs, professionals and riding stars all get together in Lyon.


French Tour

The French Tour groups together internationally-renowned French show jumping competitions. It is a major event for the owners of sport horses in the “JO/JEM Group” (riders, horses and owners grouped together in a French programme specifically aimed at major world events, such as the Olympic Games and World Equestrian Games) registered with the FFE. It enables them to help the French teams and prepare for international events such as the World Games and/or the Olympic Games.


Grand Indoor FFE AC Print 

Inspired by the Grand National outdoor circuit, the Grand Indoor FFE AC Print is a new high-level circuit aimed at training riders through indoor events. The circuit, and its flagship Pro Elite 150 class, allow riders to train or confirm a horse according to heights and techniques found in international events.


"Tournée des As Poneys" Tour

The "Tournée des As Poneys" Tour circuit is reserved for riders aged 18 or under, with category-D ponies maximum. With international classes validated by the FFE, the "Tournée des As Poneys" circuit is the only qualifying competition for the "As Poney Elite Championship" held each year in Lamotte-Beuvron.


Amateur Gold Tour FFE - Esthederm Final

The Amateur Gold Tour FFE - Esthederm circuit involves a series of "CSI Amateur" competitions. The final is held in Lyon, where only the thirty best French amateur riders on the circuit can participate.


National Style and Equitation Tour Finals

Hunter equitation has been included in the competition programme at the Longines Equita Lyon International Equestrian Competition since last year. For the second year in a row, the arena in Lyon will be welcoming France's top riders in the discipline for the Finals of the French Federal National Style and Equitation tour. The tour is based on individual performances over six stages, from spring to autumn, with the finals held in Lyon.


Dress Tour 

The Dress Tour groups together well-known international competitions held in France. This high-level tour helps identify French riders and horses with great potential through elite international competitions in France.


The programme is intense! And all the riders are counting on you to come and cheer them on! We look forward to seeing you!



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