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A meeting with Pénélope Leprevost and Michel Robert

31 October 2019

Drawing on their extensive experience, expertise and mutual understanding, Pénélope Leprevost and Michel Robert spoke at length and answered questions during a special conference organised at the Longines Equita Lyon International Equestrian Competition. Below are some selected extracts from the discussions.


Michel Robert:

" Pénélope and I are on the same page. Our love of horses creates a special bond. We are a team that works well together, both driven by the desire to share our experience and knowledge. We are not here to give a school lesson. We want to help all riders, whatever their level."


"Everything I've achieved is in the past. What interests me is today, the present moment and the future."  


"With young people, those around them are often too stressed out. Their entourage need to be more relaxed and cooler."


"I often sing to relax when riding a course."


"At the beginning, I didn't really look after myself physically. Fifteen years ago, I was ashamed to say that I did yoga."


"Mental preparation is crucial. You must always be positive, determined and seek to improve. Above all, enjoying yourself is what drives you most."


"Horses can teach us a lot of things. So, we need to make sure we listen to them."


"Every time I ask a horse to do something, I know he'll do it. Horses need to trust his rider."


"We need to work on the basic mental preparation on a daily basis, and understand what needs to be improved. Every day, we have to reduce our bad habits as much as possible. The aim is to have a long-term vision, and not just prepare for major events."   



Pénélope Leprevost:


"Meeting Michel made me progress faster, and helped me avoid certain pitfalls. He helped me to take the best possible path. We have become real friends."


"I love feeling my heart beating strongly and the adrenaline pumping when I compete. These are good emotions, which make you feel alive."


"I know every mark, every coat of every horse I ride on a daily basis. I know them by heart."


"Horses are all unique beings. You have to listen to each horse to really understand him and know what he needs."


"To find your way in life, you have to find someone who shares the same vision. Someone you trust."  


"What we look for first and foremost is establish a connection and relationship with the horse. There's nothing better than when you feel a horse is waiting to do what its rider asks."  


"I am convinced that horses like being guided. They like to be told where to go. You should not let them wander aimlessly. You have to be fair in what you ask the horse to do and be sure that he can do it."


"Vancouver is an exceptional horse with which I have a very strong relationship. When he has finished working, he walks calmly and seems at peace. He knows he has worked well and is happy." 


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