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28 October 2021

Sixty-five couples took part in this stage of the Grand National FFE AC Print Pro Élite Grand Prix Cheval TV. Designed by Jean-François Gourdin, the course had twelve obstacles, including a double and a triple, which punished some of the top riders on the circuit, sending just seventeen riders to the jump-off. 

The second part of the class was thrilling, with the qualifiers giving their all to try and win, not hesitating to take risks in order to keep their time down as low as possible. Some of them ran into trouble, with only five couples achieving a double clear round. Finally, Mélanie Cloarec on Fais Toi Belle du Seigneur won the class for the Natural Innov - DP Nutrition Stable, crossing the finish line in 39''66 seconds. "This is my first Grand National FFE AC Print win, in a 1.50m Grand Prix, so I am really happy! I really didn't expect such a great result! To win, I had to ride fast, so I gave it my best shot without asking myself too many questions. I didn't see the faults made by the previous riders, and I have confidence in my horse, so I took all the shortest options and Fais Toi Belle jumped really well again", said the happy rider at the end of the awards ceremony. Second and third places went to Youri Trotereau and Carina Eda (41''03), then Loup Briffaut and Ravel de Pantomime*Hda (41''37), who were competing on an individual basis.

At the awards ceremony for the stables competing on the Grand National FFE AC Print circuit, the top prize went to the Natural Innov – DP Nutrition stable, followed by the Equita by GL Events I Stable, represented by Olivier Perreau (4th in the class), and then the Sport Étude La Jument Verte – Golden Horse Stable, thanks to Emeric George's 5th place finish in today's class.

1.    Mélanie Cloarec and Fais Toi Belle du Seigneur – 0 + 0 in 39’’66

2.    Youri Trotereau and Carina Eda – 0 + 0 in 41’’03

3.    Loup Briffaut and Ravel de Pantomime* - 0 + 0 in 41’’37


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