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New in 2019: Equifeel arrives in Lyon!

10 October 2019

Equifeel is a discipline that has been fashionable for a few years now. It involves performing exercises with your horse or pony, while on foot. Through fun tests - in which riders choose the level of difficulty to highlight their complicity with their pony or horse, Equifeel aims to give riders a greater understanding of their pony or horse, and make them feel and think about their interactions with the animal.

Equifeel is aimed at every kind of rider, whether adults, children, experienced riders or beginners. Everyone can try working with their horse on foot. This activity creates a bond with the horses and helps keep them in good condition, without having to get in the saddle. While often used to help novices learn about their horse and its behaviour, some classical equestrian riders also use this technique to complement their riding work, in order to improve their understanding of the horse and strengthen the existing bond between the rider and horse.

In Lyon, Equifeel will be making its début in 2019! Do not hesitate to come and discover this fascinating discipline on Wednesday 30 October in the Nikito arena.

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