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Olivier Perreau and Morgan Barbançon western version

1 November 2019

At the end of the day in the Reining arena, the show jumper of GL events group Olivier Perreau and the dressage rider Morgan Barbançon took a lesson in reining. Guided by a coach, they tried out the main figures of the discipline: slow and fast circles at a gallop, spins and above all, sliding stops. In the latter area, Olivier Perreau gave it his all and made some great stops. So, he left the arena with a smile, delighted with this first taste of reining: "What a great experience! The codes are a little different from ours, but it's really fun. It felt good. At the end, I was a little more in the groove and I understood things better, so it was great. We had a fantastic coach and awesome horses." The French dressage rider, Morgan Barbançon was equally positive: "I loved it, it's a very precise style of horseback riding. Accuracy and balance are crucial, and that is what we look for in dressage, but in a slightly different way."

She particularly liked the stops and spins even though she admits, with a smile: "I was a little dizzy, I couldn't tell you how many turns I did! If I have the opportunity to try reining again, it will be with real pleasure!" 



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