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29 October 2021

For last race of the day on Thursday, the Prix de la Laiterie de Montaigu, sixty riders took part in the class, which was run on over two in temps différé (single phase) timing. Eleven obstacles, including two doubles, made up the course designed by the course manager Grégory Bodo.

For almost two hours, the riders tried to avoid the class's traps in order to add their name to the competition's list of winners. In the end, twenty couples succeeded in completing a clear round in the first leg, in which the oxers in jumps 6 and 8 and the final obstacle played a decisive role. Pulling out all the stops and riding as quickly as possible, Robin Lesqueren won the class almost without batting an eyelid on Antigua de Nantuel, crossing the finish line in a record time of 29''56. "Antigua is an eleven-year-old mare that I have been riding since she was seven. She is very competitive but, this weekend, I have entered her in classes that are a little below her level, to boost her morale. Yesterday, she already finished 5th in one class. Today, the aim was to get a good result, so I am really pleased. Being from the Pays-de-la-Loire region, I had never been to Longines Equita Lyon before. We are delighted to be here because it's a great competition. If we are lucky enough to be able to come back, we would love to do so!" said the rider after the class. Second and third on podium were Clément Frerejacques on Val Kilmor (30''35) and Romain Dreyfus on Fernando van het Posthuis (30''51).

  1. Robin Lesqueren (FRA) and Antigua de Nantuel – 0 in 29’’56

  2. Clément Frerejacques (FRA) and Val Kilmor – 0 in 30’’35

  3. Romain Dreyfus (FRA) and Fernando van het Posthuis – 0 in 30’’51

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