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Signature Dancing horses performed by the Compagnie Alexis Grüss

20 October 2021

Alexis Grüss generally says that three things are vital to him: the ring, horses and his family. The undisputed master of French equestrian performing arts will bring these three elements together, offering a magical hour-long show, for the 27th edition of the Longines Equita Lyon, Concours Hippique International. Alexis Grüss will be accompanied by his children and grandchildren to perform acts which have made him successful around the world, in which the company’s forty horses will exceptionally be performing inside and outside the traditional ring with its 13-m diameter. Signature, the Lyon show performed by the Compagnie Alexis Grüss is an original creation imbued with the energy displayed by exceptionally enthusiastic artists. It will be enhanced by music played by a live orchestra, conducted by Sylvain Rolland and accompanied by the singer Candice Paris. It is an ode to the unconditional bond between Man and horses, and to ever-evolving equestrian performing arts, passed down from generation to generation, of which the Grüss family has been a major figure for so many decades. 

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