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Style and elegance on the programme

1 November 2019

All the scores were reset at zero for the Finals of the French Grand National Style and Equitation tour this morning in the Equita Jump' arena. As the judges watched on, the riders gave their utmost during their rounds to try and achieve not only a clear round but also complete the style and equitation exercises specific to the hunter discipline. Elegance, restraint, fluidity, efficiency and harmony were the watchwords this morning. Jean-Baptiste Dupont on Centerfield (29 pts), Hélène Grebent Sellier on  Vraisquaw des Salines (27.62 pts), Agathe Bescher on Argol de l’Herbu (174.5 pts) and Virginie Lanchais on Qahina la Berbère (176.5 pts) were the respective winners in the following classes: Style 1 (1.10m), Style Elite (1.25m), Amateur 1 Grand Prix (1.15m) and Elite Grand Prix (1.25m). 

Style 1

1 – Jean-Baptiste Dupont on Centerfield – 29 pts

2 – Mathilde Lefebvre on Twenty de Valsery – 28.12 pts

3 – Nicolas Miroux on Calypso de Laveau – 26.88 pts

Style Elite 

1 – Hélène Grebent Sellier on Vraisquaw des Salines – 27.62 pts

2 – Nicolas Rosiaux on D’Aventador – 25.76 pts

3 – Jean-Marie Colot on Igor – 23.62 pts

Amateur 1 Grand Prix

1 – Agathe Bescher sur Argol de l’Herbu – 174.5 pts

2 – Jérôme Villars on Astree du Palet – 168.8 pts

3 – Geoffroy Daudibon on Sandro du Mesnil – 166.5 pts

Elite Grand Prix

1 – Virginie Lanchais on Qahina la Berbère – 176.5 pts

2 – Claire Felix on Bel Amour Normand – 162.8 pts

3 – Claire Brunet on Upsilon du Sornin – 162.3 pts



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