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Three questions for Emmanuelle Dchramm, Deputy french national technical director for dressage

31 October 2019

How do you feel about the performances of the three French riders in this FEI Dressage World CupTM class presented by CREARA? 

I am really happy with their performances; all three of them were flawless, as they say. It's fantastic. Our goal is to move up the rankings and, for the moment, their results will enable them to gain a few places, in particular for Morgan who will move up in the Olympic ranking.

What exactly was their objective here in Lyon?

Lyon is such a great competition that it is already an honour to be riding here, and to try and perform as well as possible in front of the French public. That is important. But the goal for all our riders is to move up in the Olympic ranking, and the World Cup stages allow them to earn points. That's just what our three riders have done here. Morgan is the closest to achieving individual qualification and her result today will help her a lot. That being said, naturally, the riders also ride to win events and improve.

What about the idea for a composite team for next year's Olympic Games? Can you tell us more about that?

In fact, the regulations for the Olympic Games provide for the qualification of countries by continent. Today, this stage is over, and all the countries have achieved their qualification. However, not everything is done and dusted. Indeed, before 31 December, each qualified country needs to be able to show that three couples have achieved the minimum performance levels required to compete in the Olympic Games, even if those three riders might not be the ones who go to the Games. Anyway, two countries have not yet met this minimum threshold. If they do not achieve it by 31 December, a composite team will be made. And that team will be established according to the ranking list, by totalling the three best riders per nation. That is why it is so important to be well ranked in the list. Today, in terms of the Olympics, the riders are competing for a place with their country, an individual place or a team place. France will know whether or not it is qualified for the Games, individually or by team, as of 31 December, after this qualification period. 


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