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27 October 2022

Taking to the arena at the end of the class, the French rider Harold Boisset and his excellent T'Obetty du Domaine delivered a stylish round to win the Prix Département du Rhône, a CSI 2* class against the clock, with obstacles of 1.40m. Having completed the course in less than a minute - 59''58 seconds, to be precise -, Julien Anquetin and Cesus de Fougnard seemed certain to take first prize. But then, Harold Boisset pulled out a fine ride to cross the finish line in 58''97 seconds. He was particularly happy with the performance of his mare, which was competing in the main arena at the Longines Equita Lyon Concours Hippique International for the first time. "T'Obetty is fifteen years old. She has won a lot of events this year and is very consistent. This was the first time we had competed in Lyon and we needed to beat Julien, who was pretty quick. I think I gained some time between obstacles number 2 and number 3. T'Obetty has been behaving really well and seems to particularly like Lyon!" said the delighted winner at the end of the class.


1.     Harold Boisset (FRA) and T’Obetty du Domaine – 0 in 58’’97

2.     Julien Anquetin (FRA) and Cesus de Fougnard – 0 in 59’’58

3.     Mélanie Cloarec (FRA) and Cartouche de Pleville – 0 in 61’’48

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