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Feria: a show celebrating the warmth of the Mediterranean at Equita Lyon

3 November 2023

For several years now, the very purpose of the "Sport and Show" evenings at the Longines Equita Lyon, Concours Hippique International has been to combine the thrill and intensity of top level sports action with the beauty and magic of an equestrian performing arts show. And so, on Friday and Saturday at the 29th Equita Lyon, the international arena will take on a strong Mediterranean flavour as it hosts two exceptional evening shows.

After enjoying the breath-taking performances of the world's top show-jumpers, the audience at Lyon-Eurexpo will be plunged into the warm southern atmosphere of the Feria show. Especially created for Equita, the show will take spectators on a journey to the heart of the most beautiful Mediterranean festivals, from Andalusia to the Camargue, against the backdrop of traditional acoustic guitar music played by the Gypsies Heritage troupe. Alternating between scenes that stir the audience's emotions and routines that have spectators on the edge of their seats, the Alma Vaquera troupe from Andalusia will be performing a hypnotic number of spirited garrochas and a carrousel de flamenca en croupe, a tradition from southern Spain which combines the grace of horses with the elegance of beautiful women on horseback in their finest flamenco dresses. 

However, you do not need to cross the Pyrenees to experience this celebration of the equestrian arts. In the Camargue, Gard and Hérault areas of France, equestrian festivals are part of village life and the gardians (Camargue cowboys) continue to perpetuate the age-old traditions celebrating the bond between people and horses. At the Longines Equita Lyon, Concours Hippique International, the Camargue tradition will showcase an incredible display of 'horse jumping', which will undoubtedly leave the audience in awe. In this routine, the rider jumps from one horse to another at full gallop. Spectators will be amazed by the beauty and technique of the movements involved!

Lovers of the Camargue will also particularly enjoy the performances of the famous Camarkas equestrian theatre troupe. They will be presenting a brand new choreography routine, which combines a ballet between two riders on horseback and the majestic movements of a flamenco dancer draped in a sublime 15-meter-diameter dress, all to the sound of traditional guitar music. 

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